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The World Culinary Institute.com is a Culinary Education Portal - featuring hundreds of cooking schools, culinary schools, Culinary management and Hospitality schools, biographies of Master Chef’s, video demonstrations, distance learning opportunities, cooking classes, wine courses, and culinary resources world wide. Let us help you share your culinary knowledge with the World.

At the World Culinary Institute, our mission is to be the Web's most accessible and engaging gateway to culinary knowledge. We are able to do this by providing our independent platform to distribute and promote our partners culinary knowledge. We view the Web as the world's most powerful learning medium and realize that our partners can help us design and build valuable learning experiences available on-line.

The World Culinary Institute.com solution:

·         In partnership with the World Culinary Institute, you will build mind share, extend your audience reach, increase your traffic and help achieve your goals.


·         Be a part of a revolutionary adventure on-line! If you are a provider of on-line college or university courses and you would like to become involved with WCI please contact us

·         If you are a provider of on-line courses but are not a university or college, but are a publisher or media company looking to expand your on-line culinary learning offerings. The World Culinary Institute.com can help!

·         If you are a culinary related retailer or WorldCulinaryInstitute.com service provider, and know that your offerings will enrich the learning experiences of our visitors, let us know!  We have targeted sponsorship and advertising programs available that will help you reach them.


If you would like to share other business development opportunities or possible new areas for the World Culinary Institute.com to participate in contact

Contact Us– webmaster@chefolio.com

The following domains are available for sale or development.

WorldCulinaryInstitute.com :: CulinaryCampus.com :: MyCulinaryInstitute.com
eCulinaryInstitute.com :: LiveToCook.org :: MyChefBrigade.com :: ChefSoftware.com
WCIChef.com :: ChefDemos.com :: ChefApprentice.com :: Chef-Aid.com
CulinaryMentor.com ::Chef-TV.com :: CookingDemos.com
ChefVideo.com :: CulinaryHosting.com :: ChefHosting.com
Foodeo.com (FoodService Educators On-Line)
CulinarySchools.TV :: Chef-Portfolios.com

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