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Take the following quiz and test your culinary and food knowledge.

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By J. McDevit

Questions on sauces

1. Which of the following is not a Grand Sauce?


2. What is the additional ingredient that makes sauce Chorn different from a Hollandaise?

   Tomato Paste

3. To boil a small quantity of wine, stock, or other liquid with the cooking juices of a roasted or sauteed item to make a sauce is to?

   de glazes

4. What is the Spanish word for sauce?

   Pico De Galio


5. Who developed the modern system for classifying Sauce?

   Aguste Escoffier
   Paul Bordelaise
   Antonin Carem

6. Which of the following is not a method for thickening sauces?

   Arrow Root

7. What is Beurre Noir?

   Hazelnut butter
   Black Butter
   Brown Butter

8. What is a sauce made of pureed vegetables called?

   Compound Sauce
   A Coulis

9. Which southern state is more likely to use mustard in their barbecue sauce?


10. What was Mayonnaise initially used for?

    A sandwich spread
    A dressing for salads
    A sauce for poached fish
    To make deviled eggs