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International Cooking Videos

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Sample the best cooking videos, video streaming, web casts, and video recipes on the Internet. Or as we call them Foodeo!'s (Food Video that is Food Education O-line)

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Visit PBS.org View a Foodeo ! - Julia Child Cooking With Master Chefs

PBS brings America's original Celebrity Chef Julia Child on-line with streaming video. Search the database to see over (65) master chefs in action. There are four sections to this PBS series: Cooking With Master Chefs, In Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs, Baking With Julia, and Cooking In Concert

PBS has been home to Julia Child since her first cooking program aired on public television in 1963. She has inspired millions of cooks and many professionals chefs with her well-honed skills, easy kitchen spirit, and passion for learning.

For a real in-kitchen experience with Julia Child and the master chefs, search Prime Video Cuts, a one-of-a-kind, streaming video database - search the video by master chefs, ingredient, cuisine, or key word, to satisfy your culinary curiosity.

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AsiaCuisine.com and Peter Knipp present video streaming archive of the World Gourmet Summit 2001 featuring Master chefs, cooking demonstrations showcases important trends and developments in the Food and Hospitality industry within the Asia Pacific.

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 Select a recipe on Chef2Chef.net
www.eatturkey.com - The National Turkey Federation invites you to view their Virtual Chef cooking demonstration including interactive discussions with top chefs across the United States preparing their favorite turkey recipes.

Visit Canalmicro TV-Cook
175 video recipes on Mediterranean and assorted cuisine. Appetizers from around the world, tapas, desserts, recipes for kids and a tasty bit of cooking programs. One minute videos for the gourmet screen. Enjoy the taste, the music, smell and see, step by step, every move between your hands. You can download them with QuickTime 4. Available in English and Spanish.   www.canalmicro.com

Serious about cooking? Visit Epicurious.com and our technique videos that provide you with hands-on culinary guidance. Bone-up on basics, learn advanced culinary skills - and pick up great entertaining tips too. Our videos will help you join the ranks of great cooks everywhere.

FoodTV.com  Watch videos from the experts on the Food Network to learn how to dice and decorate, saute and shuck like the pros.

E-CookBooks.com   Basic technique video streaming cooking series from professional chefs.

Fine Cooking magazine On-Line  Fine Cooking magazine Video Kitchen presents great chefs in front of the camera to show you their professional techniques. Pick a topic and check out a video from our archive.

FoodStop.com- Food & Wine: On the Road with Chef Ashbell  Noted food personality Ashbell McElveen takes you around the world to his favorite culinary hot-spots for recipes, tips, and hidden gourmet delights.
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