Personal Cook – A Challenging and Rewarding Career

Personal Cook – A Challenging and Rewarding Career

Being a personal cook is one of the most challenging and interesting careers. Based on the info the client provides, regarding his taste and needs, a personal cook will discuss the details with the client, prepare a menu and afterwards, prepare the meals.

With personal cook services, the client does not have to go to the grocery store or worry about the quality of food products. The chef simply does it all. A personal cook will usually visit a client once every two weeks, prepare all the meals and leave you some basic instructions about how to heat the meals or do any final preparations.

A good personal chef cook can prepare about 20 meals within 3-4 hours. However, the timing also depends on the special requirements of each client. For example, some clients prefer gluten free meals or no diary.

The cost of the service also depends on many factors like the foods and products that have to be purchased, the amount of people in the family to be served and other specific requirements made by client.

“Ghost chef” and “take home chef” are two of the most popular types of personal cook services. Ghost chef just prepares the meals before the guests of the client arrive home. After the guests arrive, the client can easily tell them that he or she cooked those dishes. A take home chef cooks the meals in front of the clients. This sort of service is sometimes gifted to homebuyers from their real estate agents.

Many personal chefs go to school for culinary training to become a chef.

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