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Graham Kerr - Born 1934 - present

   Graham Kerr the Galloping Gourmet was born in London in 1934, Graham grew up around some of Europe's finest chefs. He was introduced to cooking by his father, a hotel manager, who allowed him to hang out in the hotel's kitchen. In 1955 when Kerr was 21, he married his childhood sweeheart, Treena, joined his family's hotel business. Two years later, he became the general manager of the Royal Ascot Hotel. Graham and Treena left for New Zealand where he joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force as its chief catering advisor. This job landed him on television in 1959. On his first show he made an omelet in uniform, and was an immediate success. Less than 60 shows later, Kerr left the air force and headed for Australia where he found even greater success as a television personality. In 1969, Kerr and his family moved to Canada where he used the title The Galloping Gourmet and was an immediate hit for 200 million viewers in 38 different countries. In 1972, while recuperating after a near fatal accident, Graham began to experiment with a low-fat cooking style to help ease his family's stomachs while traveling at sea. The family, however, rebelled against Graham's first efforts of his "caring" cuisine, claiming the food to be bland and unremitting. It wasn't until his wife Treena's heart attack in 1986 did Graham really begin to refine his low-fat cuisine, realizing he needed to wrap the "caring" with pleasure. The same year Graham decided that his personal mission would be to help Treena make healthy and creative lifestyle changes that would last.After a 23 year journey of intensive nutritional research, combined with his years of cooking experience, Graham created the techniques he uses today. He has shared these discoveries through his books, The Love Feast, Smart Cooking, Minimax Cookbook, Creative Choices, Graham Kerr's Kitchen, and Graham Kerr's Best and television series as seen on PBS and The Discovery Channel and continues to communicate his message of combining sound nutrition with creative cooking on an international level.

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