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This directory provides links to On-Line Culinary Magazines and periodicals. Weather you are a experienced chef or a new graduate. You will find sources here that will expand you culinary repertoire.

Please recommend any resources that should be included on this "Culinary Magazine" directory. Send your suggestions to The World Culinary Institute.


globalchefs.com   GlobalChefs.com the on-line culinary magazine written purely with the aspiring and professional chef in mind.

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The Repertoire   The Repertoire is a cornucopia of culinary expertise. The Repertoire is a unique online service offering a wealth of practical experience across a wide range of subjects.The aim of The Repertoire is quite simple, to provide interesting information on food, wine and all related topics and to keep that flow of information updated as frequently as possible.

Culinary World   Culinary World is a member based on-line culinary magazine that gives you access to all pages of Culinary World. Weekly trends, reports, products and news in articles, pictures, audio and video.

Cooks Illustrated   Cook's Illustrated is a bimonthly publication for cooks who are interested in understanding the techniques and principles of good home cooking. Each article objectively dissects well-known cooking methods and ingredients with one goal in mind: to develop the simplest, best-tasting, and most foolproof techniques for preparing recipes. Cook's also rates cookware and taste-tests food products such as flour, coffee, and soy sauce.

Culinary-Online   Culinary Online is an exciting new online publication dedicated to opening up the Internet to culinary professionals and food lovers.Working with top Internet sites, culinary professionals, authors, restaurateurs, and famous chefs, each issue of Culinary Online covers the online food and cooking resources you want to know about.

Epicurean Online   Tour the world with your taste buds. Epicurean is perfect for food and wine lovers who crave top-notch culinary delights. Experience authentic cuisine rich in the flavor, lure and culture of the countries from which they come. Tantalizingly colorful photos and well-written articles lead you on flavorful culinary journey.

The Internet Chef   The Internet Chef on-line magazine is full of culinary tips, hints, recipes, and more.
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