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Here you will find the most up to date list of cooking, culinary, and food forums on the Internet. We are currently looking for organizations to sponsor a forum or highlight their current forum.

Our featured forum will change weekly to promote diversity, different learning partners, and more points of view.  Please recommend any resources that should be included on this page.  Send your suggestions to The World Culinary Institute.

Chef Talk Cafe   Chef Talk Cafe is one of the best Discussion Board on the web. Chef Talk looks at what restaurants the chefs are dining at, techniques they use in the kitchen, books they recommend and much more.

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Chef Collaborative Message Board   The Chefs Collaborative message board is a network of chefs, restaurateurs and other culinary professionals who discuss topics related to substainable agriculture and healty cuisine.

The Wine Alley Club   The Wine Alley forum gives exclusive access to opinions, feelings, an anecdotes of wine professionals from around the World. Discover these personalities from the wine and wine-growing world, members of the Wine Alley Club. Post your questions and share your opinions. (Service in French, English and Japanese).

Women Chefs & Restauranteurs Message Board   Is a a community message board for women chefs and restauranteurs to to ask culinary questions,look for a job and post jobs ,and just make new friends.

FoodFit.com Message Board   Welcome to the FoodFit Community! This is the place where You can exchange ideas, swap recipes, and give your two cents about FoodFit's articles and tools with other healthy living enthusiasts.

PastryWhiz.com Message Board   Are you looking for help with a baking, pastry or other recipe problem? This is the place to ask your question or to help a fellow chef.

Women Chefs Resource Center Message Board

StarChefs Newsgroups

Food Network Discussion Board  Discuss food, eating and entertaining with other food fans in the FoodTV.Com forums. Exchange recipes, swap restaurant suggestions and find fast fixes for kitchen emergencies right here.

WebFoodPros.com   Web Pros.com offers many different discussion forums from Culinary Education to the Un-Official J&W; and CIA Great Hall Groups.

Chef2chef.com Professional Community

Culinary Connect.com
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