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Turkey Federation View A Video

The National Turkey Federation invites you to view their Virtual Chef cooking demostration including interactive discussions with top chefs across the United States preparing their favorite turkey recipes.

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View Olived Tree info
www.OliveTree.cc/ Here you will find everything you need to know about olives and olive oil: the olive's venerable place in art, history, and literature; its health benefits; tasting method and vocabulary; olive tree varieties and producers; cooking techniques and classic recipes (e.g., Pesto, Grilled Leg of Venison, Seafood Paella, Greek Stuffed Chicken, Almond and Honey Zabaglione, even dog biscuits!); international culinary festivals; and an international olive oil producers directory.

The American Egg Board  The American Egg Board (AEB) is the U.S. egg producer's link to the consumer in communicating the value of the incredible egg. As the egg industry's promotion arm, AEB's foremost challenge is to convince the American public that the egg is still one of nature's most nearly perfect foods.

Food Reference Website: Interesting articles on food history, recipes, food trivia, culinary facts, quotes and events; food humor and poetry; culinary crosswords and a weekly food related newsletter.

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New York Seafood Council

New York Seafood Council   The New York Seafood Council (NYSC) represents and promotes New York's fishing industry with recipes, nutritional information and public education initiatives.
Recipe of the Month

CheeseNet   The Internet's Cheese Information Resource since 1995. Check out their library for the history of cheese and how to make it.

Vanilla Facts    If you're a student searching for information on vanilla, a trivia whiz interested in fascinating factoids on everyone's favorite flavor, or, even if you're already a steadfast fan of all things vanilla, this list is for you.
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