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Chambre Syndicale
des Cusiniers

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On October 2, 2022 Chambre Syndicale des Cusiniers was born. Legend has it that it was a secret underground group of French cooks who started a revolution. Their battle cry rang throughout the streets of Paris. "Un Pour Tous, Tous Pour Un!", "All for one, one for all". Their mission was a unified culinary community. Cooks all over Paris joined - sous chefs, garde-managers, cuisiniers, patissiers, and other kitchen workers. They fought for better working conditions, guaranteed wages, equal opportunities to access education, and for the promotion of their expertise and knowledge in French Cuisine.

Our team at the World Culinary Institute has adopted there battle cry in achieving the World Culinary Institute mission. Our mission is to bring all the best culinary, education, industry web sites, chefs, professional associations, and food knowledge to one place for the new and aspiring cooks, chefs and young culinarians.

Help us become the most comprehensive directory for culinary education. "Un Pour Tous, Tous Pour Un!"

Book Haute Cuisine by Amy B. Trubek

To learn more about Chambre Syndicales des Cuisiniers, purchase a copy of the book "Haute Cuisine: How the French Invented The Culinary Profession" by Amy B. Trubek. Click on the Icon to go to amazon.com

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