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Continuing Education is a life long journey. The wealth of published culinary knowledge is immense. The World Culinary Institutes mission is to make this knowledge readily available. Here is a list of some of the must have books as a culinary professional, recommended by professional chefs.

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Book Haute Cuisine by Amy B. Trubek
Chambre Syndicales des Cuisiniers  To learn more about Chambre Syndicales des Cuisiniers, purchase a copy of the book "Haute Cuisine: How the French Invented The Culinary Profession" by Amy B. Trubek. Click on the Icon to go to amazon.com

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The Making of A Chef;   Mastering Heat of the Culinary Institute of America. - by Michael Ruhlman

Oppoetunities in Culinary Careers - by Mary Deirdre Donovan

Soul of a Chef : The Journey Towards Perfection - by Michael Ruhlman  

Becoming a Chef:   Recipes and Reflections from America's Leading Chefs - by Andrew Dornenburg, & Karen Page

Harper Collins Publishers  One of the world's leading English language publishers with headquarters in New York. Harper Collins is a broad-based publisher with strengths in cookbooks and related publications.

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