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Site of the Month Award
22-7-02WCI Recieves Major Site of the Month Award from International Culinary Web Site
The Culinary Cult's team has selected you as winner of their site of the month winner. This choice was made 22-7-02 from a list of 14 final up-runners for site of the month award by Culinary Cult.

Our evaluation of your site is as follows:

Nice design, great colors, easy to navigate. Your enormous selections of information's, links etc. We find your site a great asset to the hospitality minded internet, a site linking the world together, and does therefore award you with the CulinaryCult web site award of the month.
By winning this award we will give you one month front page placement, further more announces your award winning in our newsletter where your logo will be placed. Your are ofcause welcome to use the award logo as you like for your own promotion.

We wish you lots congratulations and success in the future with your site.

Kind regards
Culinary Cult - Your portal to the hospitality world

Kurt Sjoeberg


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